Light Division - 7.5T and 3.5T

Whatever the size and type of shipment you have, small or large, we have the vehicles and expertise to manage and deliver efficiently and cost effectively, on time, every time, on your behalf.

Our fleet consists of:

3.5T Ivecos

with 15ft flat bodies fitted with sleeper cabs and able to tow trailers.

7.5T Mercedes Benz Atego - 2.5T payload

with 24ft flat body, sleeper cab and capable of towing a trailer.

7.5T Mercedes Benz Atego Sleeper with 1.8T Hiab Lift

has a 15ft body and capable of towing a trailer.

Our light trailers:

2 x 18ft Tri Axle with 2.5T payload

2 x 26ft Tri Axle with 2.25T payload

1 x 20ft Tri Axle with 2.5T payload


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