Abnormal Loads and Heavy Haulage

N.R.Keedwell are able to move all manner of abnormal and wide loads. We have a commitment to providing exceptional service to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

Our fleet of haulage vehicles mean that we can cater for all manner of heavy transport projects. Our drivers have decades of experience in the heavy haulage industry, so you can rest assured that your transportation needs are being taken care of by specialists.

Each job is carefully planned and executed, with experience comes the ability to tackle even the most awkward of heavy haulage projects.

With our agile and specialised trailer range we can move loads of all types.

We use a traffic facilities company that assist with route planning services and notifying the relevant authorities of our journey.

Our own escort vehicles are used when required and are in constant communication with the driver of the load throughout the journey. These can be hired separately.


3 Axle Nooteboom - all steer, drop out neck with remote steer - 62T payload

with 7.62M (25ft) bed, minimum 45.75cm (18") running height. 4.57M (15ft) over axles, 2.75M (9ft) wide to 3.35M (11ft) with outriggers. 35.5cm (14") load height.

Easy front drop out for simple front load. Perfect for tight sites, crushers, excavators and has an excavator trough

Single Axle Semi Low

with one piece hydraulic ramp and winch

3 Axle King - Semi Low - 35T payload

with ramps to the neck, flip toe rear ramps with side shift

3 Axle Broshius - Ultra Low

with 4m extender, running height of 700mm

Remote All Steer Semi Low Extender - 40T payload

with winch and various sets of ramps used for moving anything from static homes to 30 tonne excavators

3 Axle Vessel Trailer

with all steer rear and extending bed

4 Axle Extending Semi Low - 58T payload

with flip toe ramps and ramps to the neck

4 Axle 114T Interchangeable Bed Low Loader

with full width extendable bed, full width bed with outriggers or narrow beam bed without riggers. All steer with remote and excavator trough in axles

  •  3 Axle King - Semi Low - 35T payload
  • 3 Axle Vessel Trailer
  • 3 Axle Nooteboom - all steer, drop out neck with remote steer - 62T payload
  • 3 Axle King - Semi Low - 35T payload

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